Know Your Business Services (KYB)

Youverify's Know Your Business (Business Verification API) is a powerful global solution that enables businesses to verify and validate the legitimacy of companies across multiple countries. Whether you're onboarding new clients, conducting due diligence, or managing vendor relationships, this API provides a reliable and comprehensive approach to mitigating risks associated with business entities.

The KYB Verification API allows you to validate a business's information by utilizing its registration number or registration name. This API will return the information available about the company. All content types are in JSON.

Key Features:

  1. Global Coverage: Verify businesses operating in numerous countries worldwide, ensuring compliance with local regulations and enabling seamless global operations.

  2. Comprehensive Data Sources: Access authoritative data sources, including company registries, sanction lists, and watchlists, to cross-check and validate business information accurately.

  3. Entity Verification: Authenticate key details about a business entity, such as registration numbers, legal names, addresses, ownership structures, and more, ensuring the legitimacy of the company.

  4. Adverse Media Screening: Screen businesses against adverse media sources, including news articles and online publications, to identify potential risks or negative associations.

  5. Risk Scoring: Receive comprehensive risk scores based on various factors, including business legitimacy, ownership transparency, and adverse media findings, to make informed decisions.

  6. Flexible Integration: Easily integrate the Business Verification API into your existing applications and workflows using RESTful APIs and comprehensive documentation, enabling a seamless user experience.

With Youverify's Business Verification API, you can mitigate risks associated with fraudulent or illegitimate business entities, enhance due diligence processes, and foster trusted relationships with your clients, partners, and vendors globally.

NOTE: For Nigerian businesses, the registration number must contain the appropriate prefix and the corresponding registration number WITHOUT any space or character in between. e.g RC0000000

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