Use webhooks to get notified about reports that happen in your YVOS account.

What is a Webhook?

At Youverify, webhooks are a very important part of our reporting process. We use webhooks to communicate with different services. These are our identity and address services.

Webhooks get pushed when the address or identity has been completed.

Please follow the following steps to have access to it;

β–ͺ Set your webhook from the YVOS web portal(If already set, ignore the next step).

β–ͺ Login to the YVOS portal-->Go to settings -> API KEY/Webhook. Scroll to " Webhook" and set your HTTP callback URL.

Verifying Events

It is of great importance to verify that an event originated from Youverify to avoid delivering value based on a fictitious event. Validate the Signature - Valid events are raised with a header x-youverify-signature which is essentially a HMAC SHA256 signature of the event payload signed using your secret key.

Status Reports


The status report β€œPENDING” for our Identity services is displayed when our upstream identity providers are unavailable.

This status enables us to manage the upstream provider's downtime. To get the completed result for verification with a β€œPENDING” status, you will have to listen to the webhook to retrieve the completed verification and the corresponding response. The sample below shows when an identity verification request with a β€œPENDING” status.

NB: Please note that the above symbol " | " is used to differentiate the possible outcomes.

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